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Mending Fences LLC

New pickets and rails

Fix your fence, don’t replace it!

Specializing in wooden privacy fences in Lakewood, Colorado.

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Replacement of broken and rotted fence posts.

Replacement of single or double gates, including hinges and hardware.

Installation of new pickets on existing posts and rails.

Installation of new posts and rails with existing pickets.

Repair of wind-damaged fences. Whole sections re-set in place.

Strengthening of wooden fences by doubling posts or adding rails.

We do quality work for a lot less than replacement of your fence and we do it so that you will not be without a fence during the process. Compare our prices to replacing your fence and you’ll see how we can get your fence back up and stronger than before– and do it sometimes for less than one-third the cost of replacement.

Contact:            “Mending Fences” LLC

                            John Carveth, proprietor

                            303-986-5759 (home office)

                         303-946-5759 (cell)

Doing Business in Lakewood, Colorado


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